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Robert Aish one of the pioneers of generative design (formerly @  Bently)  is now leading Autodesk’s foray into design automation. CAD software vendors typically develop software based on their clients needs. This has a positive and negative side to it. The positive side is that the response to the needs of the user base – who may later suffer from feature bloat and overall inefficiency of feature development without strategy. From business point of view such a strategy is efficient, because the cost and risk of development is largely borne by small companies and individuals who write plug-ins and macros under the watchful eyes of the CAD companies who can then buy the company out or replicate the same technology. While this has been the practice so far, Autodesk seems to have realized the limits of such an approach. It seems to be making a longer range commitment under the able leadership of Robert Aish.

The focus is as usual on efficiency. Interestingly the symposium is about Auotodesk trying to figure out what Autodesk users are already doing. An an active user group,  wide suite of CAD software combined with  visionary leadership is bound to make Autodesk a leader in reformulating the practice of design.

Written by Sivam Krish

December 2, 2009 at 1:43 am

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