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Do architects have a design langauge ?

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Architecture has now become not only complicated but  confusing. If you think that  the buildings look confusing enough you should listen to what they architects have to say about their work.

“…promiscuous proliferation of events in a single container….[organizing]…independence and interdependence within a larger entity in a symbiosis that exacerbates rather than compromises specificity “ – Rem Koolhaas

I guess, when you read them you get the feeling that you don’t understand what’s going on. Not sure if it is their intension. Gone are the days when architects had a singular role of glorifying their client often the emperor or a religion. It was much simpler. There were theories to go by and grammars to follow. Now we are lost. Every architect seems to be inventing their own theories and speak in languages like…

“...multi-faceted approach  towards detail, structure and form relying on slippages between complex interconnectedness and singularity, between homogeneity at a distance – and near formal incoherence in detail, between disparate interacting systems and monolithic wholes “– Greg Lyyn

I am not sure whom they are kidding. I guess if they explain what they do in simpler language people may ask questions. But with explanations like this,  we have no choice but to remain in awe of their mental powers – and not expose our limited abilities at comprehending their architectural and linguistic achievements.


Architecture has now become very confusing. It seems every one has their own theory. The more famous ones have more difficult ones. 

Written by Sivam Krish

August 11, 2010 at 12:03 pm

2 Responses

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