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I always thought designers to be math loathing.  Never thought that designers would enjoy playing with equations. I am truly surprised by the rapid growth of  graphicalized scripting.

CAD packages were initially sold as efficiency engines – to help designers finalize their designs and make it buildable. It is only recently that architects have begun using CAD for design exploration. The older CAD packages that were designed to help construct buildings seem to be evolving differently to the newer CAD packages that were designed for design exploration.The older packages that moved architects into the 2D world took their own time to go 3D. But now  evolving at a much faster phase with the introduction of  BIM and integrated analytical packages. IT took decades before it dawned that computers are not just drawing tools. We are now in this dawn. Those who had slumbered in the older ways of working comforted by the advanced-ness of the tools that they were using are now being rudely woken up and seduced with an array of useful tools that are relatively well-integrated, providing improvements and efficiencies that cannot be ignored.

In contrast the newer packages, particularly Rhino seem to be evolving differently. Though the software holds less intelligence, it provides sufficient connectivity to various packages that can benefit from its lightness and ease of use. Most importantly it connects to a vibrant and active community ever pushing the boundaries of its capabilities. Many may not notice the ground shift in architecture.

Till now, it laid firmly on its Euclidian base of rectilinear geometry for which the older CAD packages are well suited. Global boredom towards resulting Euclidian forms seems to be pushing architecture to evolve in the messy complexity that requires a different type of design approach. Visual scripting methods are perhaps more suited for such designs.

Visual Scripting allows the easy re-structuring of design procedures ; making it possible to sketch with equations.

If design is about the exploration of possibilities and now that these possibilities have escaped the regular grid, will designers continue to migrate to scripts ? Or will they get tired of spaghetti diagrams  and the resulting squiggly forms? Is this indulgence  limited to a few designers ? Is it a passing fad ?

or is it the beginnings of a different approach to design ?

Written by Sivam Krish

October 4, 2010 at 4:59 pm

2 Responses

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  1. great! brother …
    well im in “They are happily drunk and sunk in the world of new possibilities”

    i have no idea where my studies are leeding me …
    but this way of thinking is really charming…


    December 16, 2010 at 5:26 am

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