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Forget Steve Jobs, forget those product designers out there, forget all those product managers. Consumers are at the heart of new product creation and innovation according to findings of an extensive study made by Prof. Von Hippel.  “The Age of Consumer Innovator ”  in the MIT Sloan management Review is worth a read.

National level studies were carried out in the US,UK & Japan resulting in the  finding that “ estimated amount U.K. consumers as a group spend on consumer product development is actually more (144%) than what all commercial enterprises as a group spend on consumer product R&D in the U.K.” places consumer innovation as something that business cannot afford to ignore. The study however concentrates on developed countries with strong industrial and R&D focus.

What about the rest ?

A passing a comment is made of the rest ” Probably much less money is spent by individual consumer-innovators in lower income countries.” Perhaps so. But necessity is the mother of invention and the quality of invention does not necessary correlate to investment – it appears to correlate to the lack of it.

Hands free set. Who needs blue tooth ?


Mobile Lock Stand. Park where you please

Hot or Cold - chiller cum dispenser

Anti-tearing onion peeling guard

Arial Chillers

Anti life-recycling devise

These pictures are from India. I am sure that the spirit of consumer innovation is  very much alive in Africa, Latin America and the rest of Asia .


Written by Sivam Krish

November 7, 2011 at 12:15 am

Posted in Crowdsourcing

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