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Un-Smart Geometry

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The annoying thing about discussing generative design with architects is their inability to disassociate design technology from geometry.

Architecture has long been married to geometry. In the Western tradition, this geometry is of a particular typology known to mathematicians as Euclidean geometry.   There is nothing wrong with Euclidean geometry – it is just that the Western architectural tradition comes with a religious view on its virtues. A classic example is the master of the modern movement uncle Corb writing a “Poem of the Rectangle”. This particular geometric religion was soon to be passed on as the International Style.

As the world got bored with this kind of geometry, a new geometry was needed. And of course architects are in the business of providing just that. But this time round, their intellectual justification and logic was not up-to scratch; so convincing noises had to be to made – to make up for the long slip from the role they once played in knowledge making. Meanwhile the world had really globalized and star architects just needed to shine.What geometry they used to shine was no longer that important – but shining is.

In the middle of all this – I am planting tomatoes in my garden. It is the beginning of  it is summer here in South Australia, but  the occasional winds from the South Pole has started to take a toll on them. They need support.


I has to choose between an optimized architectural solution that comes int he form of straight machine cut vertical poles and ties that “proper” gardener use so that the tomato trees appear to be supported according a deeply cultured architectural structural sensibility that is pleasing to the civilized eye or  a collection of branches that gardener had left behind.

So I am trying this experiment; since I know for sure, that  tomato plants don’t suffer from architectural sensibilities. I want to see how they fair with crooked randomly placed unsightly bunch of branches,  in comparison to the architecturally rationalized one.

Will let our readers know at the end of summer.


Written by Sivam Krish

December 20, 2014 at 11:13 pm

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Book Review : The architecture of emergence

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Rare are the books that I read twice. This is one of them. Weinstock attempts the impossible. He brings to the table extensively researched and carefully compiled material whihc is of fundamental importance to our understanding of order. He attempts, to convince us that the nature of order is fundamentally different to what we have known. He shakes the very foundation of current architectural thinking. The book is an ambitious and monumental undertaking as it proposes a unified theory of order connecting geology, biology and human development through the frame-work of emergence.

Rare are also books in architecture without glossy pictures that make up for vague and unsubstantiated theories. For those who seek logic in-built and natural  form this a recommended read.  It firmly establishes beyond reasonable doubt,  the true nature of order in nature. The world around us has been built based on this. Unfortunately, architects are totally disconnected with this current understanding order.

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Written by Sivam Krish

October 31, 2010 at 12:42 am